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For general-purpose transit planning, visit Virtually all Bay Area transit options will also show up in Google Maps when you select the 'public transportation' option.

AC Transit Class Pass[edit]

Paid for by student fees and available to all UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students, the Class Pass is a sticker placed on the Cal1 Card that grants free usage of all AC Transit buses. AC transit covers the East Bay from Richmond all the way to Fremont, and runs an all-night once-per-hour Transbay bus—the 800 line—from San Francisco to Berkeley.

Each Class Pass sticker is valid for one semester; you must pick up a new one each semester by visiting the Cal1 Office in Lower Sproul Plaza. Early in the semester, they run a table outside the office for rapid pickup—the first week of classes, but note that the line can get pretty long and your old pass is valid a few days into the next semester (as indicated on the sticker itself).

Stolen class passes may be replaced for free with a police report; if you lose the pass, you'll have to pay for a new one.

Clipper Card[edit]

The Clipper Card is the Bay Area's (almost) universally accepted electronic transit pass. The Clipper Card is accepted on BART, CalTrain, Muni, AC transit, buses, ferries, and shuttles (with the notable exception of the AirBART shuttle to the Oakland Airport) throughout the East Bay. The card can be configured to automatically reload with funds from your bank account when it runs low, provides a 6% discount on BART tickets if purchased in 'high value discount' increments, and can be cancelled and replaced for a small fee if it is ever lost or stolen.

Don't make your friends miss the train while you're reloading your BART card—get a Clipper card!


Amtrak routes can get you to Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, and Chicago. The closest Amtrak stations:

  • Berkeley (accessible by the 51 bus. Note that the train merely stops; there is not a station building, but you can purchase tickets from the automatic kiosks there)
  • Emeryville (closest stop with a station building)
  • Oakland (at Jack London Square), and
  • Richmond (both a BART and Amtrak station).


The BART schedule is available via Google Maps, the BART website,, or any of a number of BART apps for Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

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